Sunday, July 1, 2012

Prioritizing Part 1

         Our morning offering at breakfast leads to our "family meetings" where we figure out what what we will do each day. Prioritizing is important. We are a family of diverse interests, the farm being our common central interest. There are the things we need to keep the farm going, like our outside jobs, human-power and supplies. Prayer is at the core of all our lives and activities. It would be easy to become overwhelmed with the multitude of things that seem to need doing simultaneously.
Sancta Maria...Ora Pro Nobis
"Ya never know!"
     We have a short growing season up here in the mountains...
"A Spring Snow"
     The little barn needs to be mucked, the yard needs to be mowed, chicken tractor needs to be moved, "mini gardens" need to be weeded and replanted, the "indoor barn" needs to be revamped a little, the sun porch that we use for hay/straw storage needs to be reorganized and filled, tripods for climbing beans and fencing for vining squash and cukes need to be set up, the yard in general needs cleaning up, firewood needs to be stacked, the compost needs to be extended and turned, and goat hooves need trimming (---and the goats really love having their hooves trimmed!---just kidding---)and that's just outside stuff...we need to eat breakfast, feed the cats and dogs and goat kids, do laundry, repair the clothes line, order some cheese making and other supplies online, and balance finances to do the former. Whew!
"How do cats say "Whew"? Or was that "Mew"?
To be continued...