Sunday, May 7, 2017

Local Woman Becomes Alpaca Shearer

    The following post appeared in our local community newsletter, the Jay Community News, edited by Seth and Trudy Rosenblum: 
       " The art of shearing alpacas is difficult and requires a skill set not often found on traditional resumes. First and foremost one has to have confidence.
     Beyond that one needs: strength, artistic vision, experience and equipment. One has to know how to clip the fleece without cutting the animal. The "blanket" or all the fleece around the back and sides, has to come off in one piece. One slip with the shears and the animal can be cut. 
 One has to be able to fashion attractive top knots and tails, give shots, cut nails, stitch or glue wounds, evaluate skin conditions and calm a nervous animal. 
     Maria Goulet has developed a real talent for the discipline. She is shown here shearing a cria (a baby alpaca) with her sister Catherine assisting and Seth Rosenblum looking on. 
Thank you Seth and Trudy!